Shannon was born and raised in South Florida. Writing was never a real ambition for Shannon who was more eager to work in the special effects industry. As a teenager Shannon had come up with a concept for Knighty Knights first project entitled SleepRunners. For over 20 years this idea has always tempted him into bringing the concept to life. 
         While attending Megacon around 8 years ago, Shannon decided that a friend and him should pursue turning this idea into a comic book series. Production began and moved quickly. At some point the two decided to part ways.  Shannon then started SleepRunners over from scratch. The original drafts were re-worked into two double issue epic's. SleepRunners "Beginnings" marks Knighty Knight Publishing’s first offering to the comic book world.  By surrounding himself with great talent and with the encouragement of all the new friends he meets along the way, Shannon intends on taking this series as far as it can go.  

Born and raised in northern Mississippi, Nicholas grew up reading and admiring comic books.  He spent most of his free time trying to emulate the pencils of his favorite artist.  Nicholas, now 25, lives with his beautiful wife Tamara and their daughter Ivanna. In 2013 we welcome Nicholas to team Knighty Knight as he brings his artistic skills to the SleepRunners universe.

Born in San Diego, CA Jessica Jimerson knew from the age of twelve, she aspired to work in all things Otaku. Focusing on comic art and game design, a dream which was later achieved shortly before earning her Bachelor's Degree in Game Art and Design from Westwood College, at the age of twenty-one. Earning the Lead Artist position at Panzer Gaming Studios, and working several comic book series as colorist and letterer (including Creepy Scarlett, Cradle of Magic and more). She is also the author of several books including Vampire Love, Solstice Moon and The Pretty Red Flower with a Single Thorn to name a few, as well as being accredited in twelve. Jessica currently resides in San Jacinto, CA and is further  working to further her artistic talents, in the digital art world.